Massage Classes

Knowledge and skills are something to share, so I am offering massage classes for people interested in giving massages.


Massage Introductory classes


You want to learn some basic massage techniques? Want to spoil your partner or friends after a hard day's work? This class includes a short theoretical instruction to massages and ca. 3h of practical massage lessons, focussed on the back & neck. We will work in pairs, so please be prepared to massage and get massaged.


Duration: 3-4h

Cost: 50,-€ p.p.

Places: 6


Dates: N.N.


Follow-up Class: N.N.


Course programme:


Theory(30-45 min.):
- Welcome/Introduction
- How massages work and the history of massages
- The massage sequence
- Indications and Contra-indications


Practical Massage part:
- Basic Classical(Swedish) Back Massage
- Basic Classical(Swedish) Neck Massage
- Additional grips


For the practical part , we will be working in pairs - each participant will get a back&neck massage this way, afterwards his massage partner will benefit.