My individual Coaching approach is based on the rational-emotive behavioural Therapy as established by Albert Ellis, the use of body awareness to respect our individul limits and relaxation techniques to reduce stress levels. In my work as massage therapist, I realised soon that massages often help to address underlying mental issues, that cause anxiety, sleeping problems, headaches, backpain and other psychosomatic symptoms. Therefore, I started coaching to offer my clients a more comprehensive approach. I am mainly focussing on stress management, burn-out prevention, procrastination and anxiety related issues. 

Individual Coaching

Each of us experiences the world in a unique way, we all cope with problems in an individual way - depending on our ressources, our experiences, our personal history, our personality. Therefore, general advice on how to deal with stress, or workload, or anxiety aren't necessarily helpful. As a coach, I try to identify the client's sources of stress, harmful coping strategies and thinking patterns, in order to adapt and develop the client's ressources. 


As coaching as well as any other type of therapy is based on trust, the first coaching session is free (50 min.), in order to determine if I offer the right approach of coaching to you, if we both believe we can work together. The cost of any following individual session is 70,- € (50 min.) or 120,- € (140 min.). I also offer a set of 5 seesions for 300,- € now.


To book your free first session, just contact me.

Team Coaching

I do organize and develop team sessions for Companies and other organizations, focussing on the needs and problems of the specified team. The concept for each Team session will be specifically developed for the individual team. This can be a retreat session for a weekend or a one day workshop. For details please contact me.

Group Sessions

I am going to offer a regular group session for stress management clients. The advantage of group sessions is, that you will see others suffering from similar problems, and discover different approaches to dealing with stress. It also gives you a safe space to share your problems on a regular basis. Should you be interested in attending regular groups sessions, please contact me.

Seminars & Workshops

I organize different workshops and seminars on various topics concerning stress management, burn-out prevention, body awareness and relaxation techniques. Find out more here