My name is Sven Parthie, I am an experienced massage therapist and Coach. My work focusses on stress management, stress and pain relief as well as burn-out prevention.


As a massage therapist, I have year's of experience in pain relief, stress reduction and relaxation. My massages focus on muscular tensions and trigger point therapy, thereby adressing the most common problems occuring due to stress, sports, wrong working and body posture. You can learn more about my massage offers here.


I realised soon that massages often help to address underlying mental issues, that cause anxiety, sleeping problems, headaches, backpain and other psychosomatic symptoms. Therefore, I started to get training in Coaching and psychotherapy, to combine the psychological benefits of massages and body awareness with coaching.


My individual Coaching approach is based on the rational-emotive behavioural Therapy as established by Albert Ellis, the use of body awareness to respect our individul limits and relaxation techniques to reduce stress levels. You can learn more about my Coaching offers here.


Online Coaching


In case you want some help dealing with the current situation, if you feel socially isolated, anxious or just stressed out, I am offering Online Coaching now. Sessions of 25 min. or 50 min. will be available, costs will be 30 € / 60 €. Please send me an email to set up a session.

No Massage classes for the time being


Due to the COVID situation, I won't offer any open massage classes for the time being. If interested, a couple or two friends from the same "bubble" can contact me to set-up a private course. More information about the courses here.

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Sven Parthie

Massage Therapist & Coach

Rue du Grand-Duc 53

1040 Brussels


Email: contact@sven-parthie.be

Telephone: +32 (0)487 / 236346

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