Why having a massage?

Massages influence the whole body, mind and soul. They improve blood and lymph flow, thereby strengthening the immune system. They reduce muscular tensions and help muscles to recover after sport or physical work. They are also relaxing and useful to recover from stress, getting your mind in balance again and increasing the general well-being.


Massages were already used as means of medicine by the ancient Greek, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese cultures. The Greek founders of modern medicine believed massages to be one of the essential skills of a doctor. Depending on the massage techniques, they have different effects on body and mind - revitalizing or calming, focused on reducing muscle tensions or improving the lymph-flow, etc. You can learn more about my massage offers here or consult the pricelist.

Massage Classes

You want to learn some basic massage techniques? Want to spoil your partner or friends after a hard day's work? Learn More


Booking Online

For your comfort, you can book your massages online via the booking calendar.

Paypal Online Payment

If you prefer to pay online, you can do so via paypal (see pricelist). Please use the following link: