Protective Measures due to COVID-19

COVID Measures
Reopening on 26th April
a) As you will realise when using the online calendar for booking, there is always a break of 30 min. between appointments to ensure appropriate time for an intensified disinfection and airing of the room. Please try to be reasonably punctual for your appointment to avoid contact between clients. Also, the window will remain slightly open to allow proper ventilation.
b) I am obliged to wear a mask during the massage treatment. Clients are obliged to wear a mask, too. I will hand out a chirurgical mask if necessary.
c) Please wash your hands before and after the massage appointment. This is standard procedure for myself, of course.
d) Other precautions, like changing the table linen and towels after every client, disinfection of headrest etc. have always been in place, of course.
e)  If you suffer from symptoms associated with COVID-19 such as fever, dry cough, loss of smell and taste, please cancel the appointment and call your doctor. Anyone who is currently infected and tested positive for the virus must not book an appointment, the same applies to clients who are in close contact with an infected patient. For all further information please regard the information of the Belgian health authorities.
f) Housecalls cannot be arranged for the time being. For further details, please send me an email.